Table of Acceleration Credit

The table below shows how you gain and lose acceleration credit. Two is the maximum number of acceleration credits that can be earned in any subject.

In the left column are the criteria for granting acceleration credit based on AP scores. Students may receive acceleration credits by earning scores comparable to AP test scores on such tests as the International Baccalaureate (IB) higher-level examinations or the General Certificate of Education (GCE) A-level examinations. In subjects for which an AP score of 4 or 5 earns acceleration credit, a score of 6 or 7 on II B higher-level exams, or B or A on A-levels, is required; in subjects that require an AP score of 5 for acceleration credit, a score of 7 on the IB higher-level or an A on the A-level is required.

In the middle column are the courses whose successful completion—in the first year with a grade of B, B+, A–, or A—yields acceleration credit. In the right column are the courses resulting in the forfeit of acceleration credit.

In general, acceleration credit in a subject is forfeited by completing any course (other than a laboratory) with a lower number than the lowest-numbered course earning acceleration credit in the subject. Courses in this table were offered in 2022–2023 or are expected to be offered in 2023–2024. Except where noted, one acceleration credit is forfeited for each course credit earned in courses listed in the third column.

The University reserves the right to modify this table to reflect current course offerings. Regardless of the availability of AP tests, only the departments listed below award acceleration credit. The information in this table pertains to the Class of 2027.

  Acceleration Credit Awarded for AP Scores Acceleration Credit Awarded for First-Year Courses Courses Resulting in the Forfeit of Acceleration Credit
Chemistry None 2 credits for CHEM 174, CHEM 175, CHEM 220, CHEM 221, CHEM 230, CHEM 252, CHEM 332, or CHEM 333. If 2 acceleration credits awarded: 2 lost by CHEM 161, CHEM 163, or CHEM 165, or any course numbered CHEM 109 or lower.
Computer Science None 1 credit for CPSC 201 or CPSC 223; 2 credits for CPSC 323. If 1 acceleration credit awarded: 1 lost by CPSC 112. If 2 awarded: 2 lost by CPSC 112, 1 lost by CPSC 201 or CPSC 223.
Economics None 1 credit in microeconomics for ECON 121 or ECON 125; 1 credit in macroeconomics for ECON 122 or ECON 126. Microeconomics credit lost by ECON 108, ECON 110, or ECON 115; macroeconomics credit lost by ECON 111 or ECON 116.
English 1 credit for 5 on either AP English Lang and Comp or AP English Lit and Comp tests. 1 credit for ENGL 120 or ENGL 121; 1 credit for 1 term, 2 credits for 2 terms of ENGL 125, ENGL 126, ENGL 127, ENGL 128, ENGL 129, ENGL 130, or DRST 001, DRST 002. ENGL 114, ENGL 115
Languages Chinese, French, German, Latin, and Spanish only: 2 credits for 5 on AP test. For Italian: 1 credit for 5 on AP test. No additional credit for multiple tests in a single language. All other languages: None. All languages listed in first column, except Italian: 2 credits for a scheduled L5 course. For Italian: 1 credit for a scheduled L5 course. All languages listed in first column except Italian: 2 acceleration credits lost for L1, L2, L3, L1-L2 or L3-L4 course; 1 lost for L4 course. For Ital: 1 acceleration credit lost in both instances.
History of Art 1 credit for 5 on AP test in Art History. None None
Mathematics 1 credit for 5 on AP Calculus AB test; 1 credit for 4 on Calculus BC test; 2 credits for 5 on Calculus BC test. 1 credit for MATH 115, MATH 116, or MATH 118; 2 credits for 120 or higher-numbered courses. If 2 acceleration credits awarded: 2 lost by any course numbered MATH 112 or lower; 1 lost by MATH 115, MATH 116, or MATH 118. If 1 awarded: 1 lost by any course numbered 112 or lower.
Music 1 credit for 5 on AP Music Theory test. None None
Physics 1 credit for 5 on either AP Physics C test, with 5 on AP Calculus AB test or 4 or 5 on Calculus BC test. 2 credits for 5 on both parts of Physics C test with requisite score on Calculus AB or BC test. No credit for AP Physics 1 or 2 tests. 2 credits for PHYS 260, PHYS 261 or for course numbered PHYS 400 or higher. If 1 acceleration credit awarded, 1 lost, and if 2 acceleration credits awarded, 2 lost, by any course numbered PHYS 201 or lower.