Guidance for Virtual Meetings for Students

The following guidance for virtual (Zoom) meetings should be followed by YSPH students when attending YSPH professional events, classes and activities online.

  • YSPH expects students to attend all virtual meetings with their camera on. Attending virtual session with the camera off may result in the student being removed from the session.
  • Ensure internet connectivity that is appropriate to maintaining video during Zoom sessions.
  • Test your connection before the online meeting. Visit the Yale ITS website at or call 203.432.9000 if technical support is needed. If possible, please troubleshoot your internet connection in advance. 
  • Reach out to your meeting facilitators or instructors if you don’t think you can participate during scheduled times due to technical issues.
  • Find a clean, quiet space and dress appropriately.
  • Stage an appropriate background, such as a simple wall or use virtual backgrounds, such as those found on the myYSPH website (
  • Check to confirm that your full name is appearing appropriately.
  • Be aware of lighting and noise.
  • Keep mic muted when not speaking.
  • Look at your camera when speaking—this will replicate eye contact with your peers.
  • Use the “Raise Your Hand” feature when appropriate, as well as the chat option as needed. Note that the chat feature is visible to everyone else in the class, including your professor, and the host of a meeting has the ability to save the chat.
  • If possible, choose an environment free from distractions, and avoid multi-tasking during meetings.
  • Be respectful and on-time.