Thesis Organization

The thesis must be assembled as follows:

  1. Title Page (Title cannot exceed 60 characters)
  2. A one-page, double-spaced abstract
    The abstract is the final statement on the problem addressed by the thesis and should incorporate the most mature insights attained.
  3. Acknowledgments (if desired)
  4. Table of Contents
  5. List of Tables (if any)
  6. List of Figures (if any)
  7. Body of the Thesis
    The following organization of the body of the thesis is recommended:
    1. Introduction
      1. Brief statement of specific objectives of the investigation
      2. Statement of general problem addressed by the thesis
      3. Elaboration of objectives and/or hypotheses, including the relation to the general problem
    2. Review of Studies Relevant to the Problem
    3. Research Design
      1. Specific research design and method
      2. Reasons for selection
      3. Method of analysis, including justification for statistical tests
    4. Presentation and Analysis of Findings
      This is the major portion of the thesis. The significance of the findings should be discussed and an assessment made of their applicability to current theory and practice. Analysis and discussion may be presented together in one chapter or separately in two chapters.
    5. Conclusions
      1. Summary of findings
      2. Limitations of findings and other limitations of the study
      3. Conclusions based on the study
      4. Relevant recommendations for program development or further research
  8. References
    A list of the pertinent references consulted in preparing the thesis should be included. Any standard and consistent format for presentation of footnotes and references is acceptable.
  9. Appendix or Appendices