Career Management Center

47 College Street, 203.785.2827, 203.785.4285
Felicia Spencer, Executive Director
Kelly Shay, Senior Associate Director
Dina Wulinsky, Associate Director

The YSPH Career Management Center assists students in all phases of developing, managing, and implementing career plans and strategies.

Career Coaching and Counseling

The Career Management Center advises students on a wide range of career development issues, including but not limited to, career exploration and self-assessment, résumé and cover letter creation, interview preparation, the internship and job search process, and negotiation and networking skills.

Professional Skills Series

The Career Management Center administers a series of workshops to help prepare students to successfully manage all aspects of a job or internship search as well as equip them with the skills and knowledge to succeed in their chosen career paths. Students are trained in interviewing, public speaking, networking with alumni, and business communications.

Recruiting and Job Information

The Career Management Center works to attract a wide variety of health care organizations seeking to hire public health professionals. YSPH uses the career management platform Handshake as a recruitment tool; it is a centralized source for posting job, internship, and fellowship opportunities.


The summer internship between the first and second years is an important learning experience, providing students with an opportunity to apply the public health theory and knowledge learned in their course work in real-world settings and explore or confirm a particular career interest. Students are expected to perform full-time work for typically ten to twelve weeks and no less than eight weeks in a public health setting, domestically or globally. The Career Management Center also helps students identify internship opportunities through on-campus recruiting, job postings, and alumni and faculty contacts.

Career Trips

The Career Management Center sponsors and organizes career trips to Washington, D.C., and New York City to help introduce students to the broad array of public health opportunities in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.