Office of Public Health Practice

135 College Street
Rafael Pérez-Escamilla, Ph.D., Faculty Director
Kathleen O’Connor Duffany, Ph.D., Deputy Director
Susan Nappi, Executive Director

The Office of Public Health Practice (OPHP) supports the mission of the Yale School of Public Health (YSPH) by fostering sustainable and equitable collaborations among students, faculty, and community partners. OPHP serves as the YSPH nexus for practice-based learning, community programs, and public health workforce training and is a bridge to domestic and international agencies engaged in public health work. OPHP holds the vision that all experiential learning opportunities at YSPH are anti-racist, equitable, mutually beneficial, focused on health and wellness, and fully resourced and supported. The office is a resource for YSPH students, faculty, and staff as well as organizations and public health practitioners seeking training and support for the Applied Practice Experience, internship, and practicum courses.