Office of Student Affairs

47 College Street, 203.785.6260
Frank Grosso, Associate Dean
Stacey Tuttle, Director/Registrar
Heather Logan, Associate Director/Registrar

The Office of Student Affairs offers services and provides resources designed to enhance student life at YSPH. The associate dean has primary responsibility for the student experience at YSPH, represents the interests of all students to the faculty, and participates in policy decisions for the school. Dean Grosso, Director Tuttle, and Associate Director Logan are available to discuss academic, extracurricular, or personal issues with YSPH students. The Office of Student Affairs also coordinates orientation, Commencement, and other student programs, and serves as the administrative liaison with YSPH student organizations. The goal of the office is to ensure that every YSPH student is productively engaged in both academic and nonacademic aspects of school life.