Hispanic Summer Program

The Hispanic Summer Program (HSP) is an ecumenical program in theology and religion that offers master's-level students a variety of opportunities for study with Latinx scholars, centering Latinx methods, pedagogies, and stories. Administering the HSP is a consortium of sponsoring institutions, including YDS. The HSP flagship program is its two-week summer intensive session, offered each year at a different ATS-accredited site in the United States or Puerto Rico. In addition, HSP offers the two-week J-Term course in January, a fully accredited online course in Latinx theology, history, sociology, and/or ministry for students who are unable to attend the summer session or who prefer an online learning environment. The summer intensive session, which features a variety of course offerings, is open to Latinx students and non-Latinx students interested in Latinx-centered ministries, scholarship, and advocacy. Non-Latinx students are invited to learn from the rich tradition of Latinx theological inquiry while seeking ways to expand their own cultural competencies and build coalitions with members of other communities. Students are exposed not only to a majority Latinx student body but also to Latinx faculty and an intellectual tradition that stems from the Latinx community. Additionally, students are connected to mentors who can help encourage students' pursuits after graduation. Courses represent a range of subjects within the theological curriculum and are taught in a way that centers the intellectual and pedagogical traditions of the Latinx community. Registration for the summer intensive session begins in late November and, for J-Term, in mid-September through the HSP website at http://hispanicsummerprogram.org. Participation in either program carries three graduate-level credits. Transcripts are issued by the host institution. For more information visit the website or speak with the YDS registrar.