Availability of Faculty Members

There is a presumption that members of the Yale College Faculty will attend all scheduled meetings of their classes in person and be available for consultations with students and for other University business during the entire term as it is set forth in the Yale College calendar, including reading period and final examination period. During the latter, especially, the faculty member may not delegate these responsibilities to teaching fellows. The following statement appears in the Faculty Handbook:

Members of the teaching or research faculty are expected to meet their professional and institutional commitments at Yale on a regular basis throughout the academic year. For full-time teaching faculty this includes being on campus most days of the work week, except for holidays and recess timeā€¦All teaching faculty must remain on campus during reading and examination periods. If unable to meet a class because of illness or other emergency, faculty members should promptly notify their department or school officials.

On occasion, absence during term-time is unavoidable. In such instances, you may reschedule your class meeting or ask a colleague to substitute for you. Teaching fellows, however, may not substitute for faculty. Those who are unable to meet their undergraduate classes because of illness or for professional or personal reasons should inform the dean of Yale College as well as the chair of their department before or at the beginning of an extended absence.

The obligations of the faculty extend beyond scheduled attendance at classes and supervision of students and teaching fellows. They include as well reasonable and regular availability for consultation by students, faculty, and administrators.