The Use of Computers in the Classroom

In many circumstances, the use of computers and similar devices in the classroom may enhance teaching and learning. However there are other circumstances, such as small interactive seminars, in which individual use of, for example, laptop computers may interfere with the pedagogical model of the course.

Except in cases in which a student has a registered and documented disability that requires the use of assistive devices, instructors may, at their discretion, restrict the use of computers and other electronic devices in their classroom. Such electronic devices include, but are not limited to, laptop computers, cell phones, and tablets. Again with the exception of students with registered disabilities, students who have been permitted the use of laptops or other devices in most sessions of a course may still be barred from using them in sessions in which quizzes or tests are administered. Instructors who wish to restrict the use of such devices from any or all sessions of their courses should consider stating their policy on the syllabus from the outset of the course.