Simultaneous Award of the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees

A Yale College undergraduate of extraordinary ability may, with the permission of the department, Yale College, and the Graduate School, undertake graduate work that will qualify the student at the end of senior year for the simultaneous award of the bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Each department decides whether or not it wishes to permit this arrangement. If a department currently does not offer this option but wishes to participate in the program, a proposal can be sent to the Committee on the Simultaneous Award of the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. For more information, contact Joel Silverman, Director of Academic and Educational Affairs.

The general regulations and requirements for the program are published under Special Arrangements in the Academic Regulations in the YCPS. The application to the program is available here. A student is expected to consult carefully with the DUS and the director of graduate studies of the department before applying. The student then applies for the simultaneous award through the DUS who, after securing the necessary approval from the department, forwards the application to the Committee on the Simultaneous Award of the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees through the Yale College Dean’s Office. Alternatively, the DUS may forward the application and letter by email to the program director, Joel Silverman. The deadline for students to submit an application to the DUS is the last day of classes in their fifth term of enrollment, ordinarily the end of the fall term of the junior year.

A student’s proposal should address how he or she plans to complete all the general requirements of the program, as well as any requirements specific to the department. Two regulations should be kept particularly in mind:

  1. Students must earn at least eight graduate-level credits (either in the Graduate School or, if approved by the DGS, in one of the professional schools). Normally, these credits must be in addition to the number of courses required for the undergraduate major, but at the discretion of the DUS, up to two of the graduate courses may count also toward the undergraduate major. 
  2. During their last four terms of enrollment, simultaneous-award candidates must take at least six term courses outside of their department; and in the last two terms of enrollment, they must take at least two undergraduate courses. Graduate work may not be entirely concentrated in the last two terms.

The Committee on the Simultaneous Award of the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees ordinarily reviews applications in December. Students whose fifth term of enrollment is a spring term should contact Joel Silverman about the appropriate timing for an application. Students are officially recognized as candidates for two degrees only after approval by both the department and the committee. Simultaneous-award candidates must petition the Graduate School for the award of the master’s degree by the deadline published in the Graduate School bulletin, usually around the middle of March in the student’s senior year.