The tasks listed in this calendar are for registrar-related responsibilities. The dates in this calendar are approximate and may change.*

*This calendar is not yet complete.*


  • Curriculum Management (CIM & WEN)
  • Student Records¬†
  • Program Requirements (YCPS, Roadmaps)
  • Faculty Support
  • Classrooms
July Curriculum Review offered courses. Make sure senior requirement courses are offered and list the instructor (or DUS). Review course listings for accuracy. Remind faculty to review their course offerings.
Student Records Review Degree Audit for continuing students/majors. Note any potential issues regarding fall-term registration.
Requirements Make sure your website is consistent with program requirements as listed in YCPS.
Requirements Develop a Roadmap with your DUS.
Curriculum Course cleanup; consider deactivating courses not offered in the past 7 years.
Faculty Once new faculty have a NetID, ask the Registrar's Office to create an instructor record. Add instructor name in WEN.
Curriculum Prepare and submit late course proposals for the fall term. Continue to submit spring course proposals.
Late July Faculty Waitlists will be cleared later in the month. Run a Jaspersoft report now so you can provide faculty with names of students still waitlisted at the close of registration.
Curriculum Check YCS to ensure all fall courses are set up properly and are ready for the opening of add/drop.
Curriculum Set up Preference Selection and department registration for upper-level seminars if applicable.
Early August Student Records Work with DUS to review student assignments submitted late and late fulfillment of major requirements. Remind faculty if they need to provide ABX exams.
Mid August Classrooms Make sure there is a classroom assigned for offered courses.
Late August Registration Add/drop period opens.
Classes start
Early September Registration Add/drop period closes
September Program requirements Discuss with DUS any potential changes to the major requirements.
Curriculum Submit any remaining spring course proposals.
Curriculum Begin planning new courses for the following academic year.
October Curriculum Review all spring course offerings. Remember to add at least one discussion/lab section as needed.
Curriculum Work with TF Office to ensure allocations of TF 's are set and the sections are setup correctly in WEN.
Final exams Remind faculty to check that their course listing in YCS correctly indicates a final exam or no final exam.
Student Records Review students' Degree Audit and apply exceptions (if needed).
Curriculum All spring courses should be offered in YCS, prior to opening of spring registration.
Faculty Send instructions to departmental advisors regarding spring term registraion.
Early November Curriculum Confirm that mult-section courses and first-year seminars are included in Preference Selection.
Program requirements Begin or complete review of all department pages in YCPS.
Program Requirements Yale Programs of Study opens for yearly editing.
Mid November Registration Spring registration opens.
Student Records Help DUS assign faculty readers for senior tutorials, essays, projects, etc.
December Curriculum Remind faculty of their responsibilities prior to and during final exam week.
Program Requirements Any changes to the major must be submitted to Committee on Majors by the end of the month.
Student Records Review graduating students' Degree Audit for completion.
Registration Waitlists will be cleared. Run Jaspersoft reports so you can provide faculty with names of students still waitlisted at the end of registration.
January Registration Add/drop period opens. Check the Registration website for exact dates and times.
Curriculum Remind the DUS and faculty to begin planning new courses for the next academic year.
February Student Records Review students' Degree Audit and apply exceptions (if needed).
March Curriculum Courses for the fall term are due in order to appear in YCS before the opening of fall term registration.
Curriculum Review all courses in YCS in anticipation of the opening of fall term registration.
Program Requirements All updates/review of YCPS due by March 15.
Program requirements Review department's policy on acceleration credit, if applicable.
April Student Records Receive senior essays and distribute them to readers for grading.
Registration Registration for Fall 2024 opens (date TBD).
May Student Records Review graduating students' Degree Audit for completion
June Program Requirements Work with the Degree Audit team to review program requirement updates.