Yale Hub

Yale Hub is a centralized resource for students to access information from various Yale systems. Yale Hub is personalized and customizable. Portions of Yale Hub are responsive to the student’s role and will dynamically change as their student status changes.

Although only students have access to this site, much like the Student Information Systems (SIS) site, below is some information you might find helpful should students ask you about the Hub.

Within Yale Hub, there are several sections:

  • My Directory—Student-specific contacts based on their school or program
  • Student Information System Menu—Includes the same functions that were previously available in SIS. This menu includes registration, viewing unofficial transcripts, ordering official transcripts, declaring and updating major and/or concentration, updating personal information, and more. 
  • Term Data Info—Display of current curriculum and citizenship information
  • Modules—These are content boxes for students. The modules can display a variety of information types. While some modules are standard for all students, many other modules are available and can be added or removed.
  • Notifications—Displays actions required of the student, and other time-sensitive announcements. 
  • Calendar—Displays entries for significant dates to students. These entries may be academic, sports, dining, financial, holidays, and other important events. Some calendars/entries are standard for all students, such as the academic category.
  • To-Dos—Tasks to help students remember to address important items. The To-Dos section includes hold reminders and instructions for resolving holds.  

The University Registrar’s Office manages Yale Hub, so any questions related to the site can be directed to registrar@yale.edu.  

Below is an example of the opening page for students.

1. Links, as previously appeared on SIS (student information system)

2. Modules, updatable, they can be moved, hidden, added, etc by students

3. Gear icon, used to select or deselect modules

4. To-Dos

5. Notifications

6. Calendar