Grade Submission

The Faculty Grade Submission System (FGS) provides faculty the ability to download official class rosters and submit final grades. 

  • FGS is the source for official class rosters (not Canvas).
  • Only the primary instructor may enter and submit grades for a course. You can change the primary instructor in WEN when there are multiple instructors by clicking on the Instructor pencil icon and then changing Primary to non-Primary with the dropdown arrow. One instructor (and only one) may be listed as primary.
  • Term grades for the fall term are due by 5 p.m. on the first weekday after January 1. Term grades for the spring term are due as posted in the Yale College Calendar with Pertinent Deadlines
  • Grades for seniors for the spring term are due within forty-eight hours of the end of the final examination period. Once submitted, grades may not be changed except in the case of a computational or clerical error. 
  • Sometimes faculty save grades in FGS but neglect to submit them. Grades are not submitted until the FGS screen displays “Grades have been submitted successfully.”
  • All students listed on the class roster must receive a grade, including those who take the course SAT/UNSAT or Audit.
  • Direct students wishing to postpone a final exam or request an extension to complete coursework to their Academic Dean.
  • Students who have been granted permission to postpone a final exam by their Academic Dean, automatically receive a grade of ABX (Authorized Absence from Final Examination). For more information, see Postponement of Final Examinations under Completion of Coursework in YCPS. For information about scheduling make-up exams, see Postponement of Final Exams in the Handbook for Instructors of Undergraduates in Yale College.
  • Students wishing to petition for an extension to complete coursework must submit a Temporary Incomplete Grade Submission Request to their Academic Dean by the last day of the reading period and the grade assigned to the student in this case should be TI. For more information, see Completion of Coursework in YCPS.
  • ABX grades should be updated with the letter grade by midterm of the following semester. TI grades should be submitted by the time indicated by the Academic Dean.
  • Faculty will find a Grade Change form in the FGS system. They should use the form to change the grades from ABX or TI to the grade earned.

If faculty need assistance using the system, direct them to FGS Instructions.

If faculty have questions about grade submission, they should email