Degree Audit


Degree Audit is an online advising and auditing tool used by students and advisors to monitor progress towards degree fulfillment. It is also used by the University Registrar's Office for graduation processing. The tool applies a student’s academic history (from Banner) to the student’s degree requirements. In-progress courses are included.

Basic Features: blocks

  • Student Information: shows basic information about the student
  • Degree: shows a summary of requirements, including information from other blocks in the audit
  • Major/Program/Certificate/Concentration: shows program-specific requirements
  • Other blocks that depend on the student's school, may include:
    • Distributional: includes completion of Yale College distributional requirements; as a student completes each milestone, the associated block will disappear from the audit, however the audit will indicate that distributional requirements were met on a yearly basis
    • Major Distributions: this block only appears for those departments that have specific distributional major requirements
    • Additional blocks may display based on the student's academic history:
      • Fallthrough: indicates excess courses and audited courses that were not used elsewhere in the audit. Most commonly these are general electives (not required), although in some cases they do not count toward the degree. Courses from this section may be applied to other blocks by exception.
      • Ineligible: includes courses that are not eligible for credit toward the degree (failed courses, withdrawals, ineligible repeats)
      • In-progress and Preregistered: courses for which a grade has not yet been submitted
      • Not Counted: courses that do not count toward the degree but are not necessarily ineligible; typically, these exceed limits such as excess music lessons for credit
      • Exceptions: shows a summary of exceptions, if any exist on the audit
      • Notes: displays any notes that have been entered; these are viewable by all users and are a part of the student's permanent record, so discretion is advised
      • Legend and Disclaimer: the legend is found at the bottom of the worksheet; disclaimer approved by the University General Counsel's Office follows the legend

For navigational information and how to access additional features, see Degree Audit Advising Resources.

Academic requirements

One of the benefits of using Degree Audit is improving transparency about program requirements. All program and degree requirements outlined in Degree Audit are created using the policies outlined in the Yale College Programs of Study (YCPS). Program changes must first be documented in the YCPS, and then these changes will be reflected in Degree Audit. 

If you feel that a program’s requirements are incorrect, first, check what is published in the Bulletin for the applicable catalog term. If you notice a discrepancy between the Bulletin publication and the audit, please contact the University Registrar’s Office at to investigate.  

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Keep Degree Audit Current

Degree Audit updates daily as students change major(s), declare certificate(s), or register for courses. If a student is granted an exception to their requirements, it is important to submit the exception or petition immediately, so the student’s degree progress is accurately reflected within the audit. This also allows the student and other advisers to spot conflicts as soon as possible.  

Refreshing Data

Data in Degree Audit is typically updated twice a day; during peak registration periods, it’s updated every two hours. Clicking the refresh button will check Banner for new data and run a new audit if new data was found.

For assistance with Degree Audit, contact