Course Proposal Workflow

  • Instructor: submits course proposal
  • DUS: DUS reviews and approves (or returns the proposal to instructor for more information)
  • Registrar Review: registrar's office administrator reviews the course proposal to make sure there is no missing information necessary for CSC review
  • Registrar: course proposals are held here while waiting for missing information or until the next scheduled CSC meeting is one week away
  • YC CSC: course proposals are moved to YC CSC queue one week in advance of the CSC meeting so Committee members can review proposals prior to the meeting. During busy review periods, additional review queues are created (YC CSC 1 and YC CSC 2).
  • Post CSC: once the formal approval email is sent to the DUS and the instructor, the course proposal moves to this queue. Course proposals in this queue are held for multiple title confirmations, distributional designation confirmations, and feedback from instructors about CSC suggestions.
  • Banner: once moved to this queue, the course proposal will bridge to the Banner data system overnight and should be available for offering in WEN the next day

Optional workflow steps:

  •  DD Approve: if the instructor requests a distributional designation
  •  MT Approve: if the instructor requests multiple titles (cross-listings)
The current workflow status of any course proposal can be found by looking at the course proposal.
  • Any steps that appear in green have been completed.
  • The step that appears in brown indicates the current status of the course proposal.
  • Those steps in black have yet to be completed.