Creating & Revising Course Proposals

All Graduate School courses are created and revised in CIM (CourseLeaf Inventory Management). Anyone with a NetId can create a course proposal.

Creating a new course proposal

  1. Log into CIM and click Propose New Course. A blank course proposal window opens. 
  2. Select Graduate School in the School drop-down field.
  3. Select the correct Effective Term in the drop-down field.
  4. Indicate the instructor's name, rank, and department.
  5. Indicate the subject code and number for the course. If you don’t know the number, type in TBD.
  6. To add cross titles within the Graduate School, use Same-school Multiple Title (AllCodes): Click Add to open the Enter Course Code field. Enter subject codes and "TBD" for any graduate departments you would like to invite to cross-list with this course.
  7. To cross-list with Yale College school (and some professional schools): click the green + sign to open the Cross-school Multiple Titles selection window. Select the school and type the existing course number (or search for it) in the Quick Add field. If the course doesn't exist yet, enter the subject code and "TBD" in the Quick Add field. Then click Add Selected
  8. The Cross-school Primary Code only needs to be selected when there are both YC/graduate numbers. Always choose the Yale College number. 
  9. Enter the Course TitleCourse Catalog Description, and Prerequisites (optional) in the appropriate fields. If the course title is longer than 30 characters, a Short Title field will open. The short title must be 30 characters or less and will appear on the transcript.
  10. Choose one Types of Instruction using the check boxes  (SeminarLectureLaboratory, etc).
  11. Select the Default Grade Mode. Default for most Graduate School courses is G - Graduate.
  12. Select the appropriate Credit Per Term. If you are requesting a non-standard credit – a text field will open so you can enter justification for the request. 
  13. Indicate whether the course may be repeated for credit. Default is No.
  14. Departmental Attributes. This field allows you to add departmental attributes (see Using Course Attributes).
  15. This completes all the mandatory fields. There is room for DGS comments or notes about the GSAS Bulletin.
  16. Click the green Start Workflow button to submit the course proposal.

Revising an existing course proposal

Many instructors want to update their course proposals. Course proposal revisions are done in the Course Inventory Management system (CIM).

1. Log into CIM.

2. Use the Search button to search for the course you want to revise. If you don't have access, write to and ask them to make the course proposal available for editing. 

3. Open the correct course proposal and click on Edit Course to open the editing window.

4. Fill in/update any field that has a red-line border.

5. Make the desired changes and click on Start Workflow at the bottom of the editing window.