Scheduling Final Exams

The University Registrar’s Office assigns specific days and times for the administration of final examinations in most Yale College courses. These final exam dates are based on the day/time that the courses meet during the term and can be found on Final Examination Schedules in Yale College Programs of Study. Courses with multiple sections but a common examination are assigned to an examination group from (61) to (69). Typical assignments include (but are not limited to): (61) foreign languages; (63) introductory-level English; (64) introductory economics; (65) physics; (69) introductory mathematics.
To help ensure final exam accuracy, ask instructors to review their undergraduate courses on Yale Course Search (YCS). If the final exam status on YCS is not accurate, or if it is listed as HTBA, the exam status must be updated in WEN in order to have a classroom for the exam assigned. Correct, as needed, the Final Exam field in WEN to either Yes, Final during Finals Week or No, Final not during Finals WeekBased on your selection, WEN will automatically display the exam group that corresponds to the course meeting pattern

If a course is published with no scheduled examination but the instructor subsequently decides to offer a final examination, it must be administered at the time defined by the meeting time of the course. In this case, notify

Policies regarding final examinations appear in the Academic Regulations.