FAS Classrooms & 25Live Pro

The University Registrar's Office assigns classrooms (except for those controlled by a department) for all Yale College courses, including discussion and lab sections.

All FAS-controlled classrooms are listed on the Classrooms page on classrooms.yale.edu. The page includes information about each classroom, including maximum capacity, location, notable features, as well as a photograph of the room. 

The list of classrooms can be filtered for max capacity, building name, or feature.

Any request to change a room after assignments have been posted should be made using the Room Assignment Change Request Form.

Other Classroom Requests
  • Departments can request classrooms for office hours and other course-related events in 25Live Pro after the classrooms for courses have been confirmed and add/drop period has closed. There are training videos for creating event requests.
  • Undergraduate student organizations request classrooms through Yale Connect, which interfaces with 25Live.
  • Weekday events cannot be booked in FAS spaces before add/drop period closes.  
  • Evening and weekend events can be approved before the term begins, but any events (even office hours) during weekdays are approved one day in advance before add/drop closes.
  • Once add/drop closes, events are reviewed and approved for the rest of the semester. We do prioritize course-related events over student groups once we can start approving the semester-long events.