The CourseLeaf CAT module is the primary editing tool for all Yale College publications. It provides directors of undergraduate studies (DUSs) the opportunity to review their YCPS program descriptions and major requirements on a yearly basis. The DUS Handbook, Instructors Handbook, and Administrators Handbook are reviewed and updated yearly during the summer months.

Changes to the Major must be submitted to the Secretary for the Committee on Majors (COM) by the end of the fall term in order for the changes to be effective for the next academic year. Changes are reviewed by the Committee and then submitted for faculty approval at the monthly faculty meetings.

Creating New Certificates New Certificates must also be approved by COM and then the faculty. Certificate proposals should be submitted to the Secretary for the Committee on Majors by the end of the fall term in order for students to begin earning the Certificate during the next academic year.

Review of the Yale College Programs of Study (YCPS) The editing cycle for YCPS opens in late November and runs until the beginning of March. This is the only opportunity for departments to update the program overview describing the major and listing the requirements.