Yearly Review of YCPS

The Yale College Programs of Study (YCPS) is the informational source for students, administrators, and faculty for academic policies and major requirements. It is considered a contractual document. The editing cycle is open from November 1 until March 1, and once YCPS goes live in early April the only section that can be changed is the faculty section. You and your DUS will receive an email message from the University Registrar's Office in November indicating the opening of the editing cycle.

Part of the DUS responsibilities includes reviewing and updating, as needed, your department/major's pages in the publication. This includes all the sections, except for the section titled Courses. The Overview, First-year, Requirements Summary, and Faculty sections are standard for most majors. Some, but not all, majors have a Roadmap* and/or Concentration section and they should also be carefully reviewed. See the video tutorial for this task.

For many departments, there will be minimal changes. It is a good idea to encourage the DUS to review the pages and submit as soon as possible so the task isn't forgotten and then needs to be addressed in the spring during a much busier time. Never postpone submitting the pages for the faculty roster, which can be updated after publication.

How to Edit YCPS: A video

How to Edit YCPS: A quick guide

1. Go to the CourseLeaf Approval Queue and select 'Your Role' from the dropdown box (example: HIST DUS).

2. Select "ycps/subjects-of-instruction/your department" from the task list.

3. Click the blue Edit button to open the tool bar.

4. Each section will have its own pencil icon. Click on the pencil icon to open the editing window.

5. Edit each page as necessary. You can return to any page and continue to edit at a later date by clicking on 'OK' at the bottom of the editing window. 

6. Once all sections, except Courses, have been reviewed, click on the green Approve button. Don't click on the Approve button until you have finished each section (except Faculty).

  • If you mistakenly click on Approve before finishing, send a message to Beth Baumgartel and she can roll the pages back.
  • If you submit early and you wish to make a change before March 1, the pages can be rolled back to you.
  • If you have questions contact Beth Baumgartel.

*This is a good opportunity to create a Roadmap for your major. Contact Beth Baumgartel for the template.

Remember: Reviewed pages are due March 1 or earlier.