Changes to the Major

Changes to major requirements require approval from the Committee on Majors (COM) and the Yale College faculty. Changes are due by the end of the fall term to the Secretary of the Committee. Once approved, the Yale College Programs of Study (YCPS) will be updated to reflect the approved changes, effective for the next academic calendar year. These changes may only be made during the YCPS editing cycle (November to March).

Simple text changes do not typically require COM approval, however, they must follow the standard style guidelines for YCPS.

Changes that do require COM approval include such changes as the number of required courses to fulfill the requirements of the major; the creation of defined concentrations; changes to the senior requirement; the addition of a skills-based certificate; substantial changes to the focus of the major.

Contact Beth Baumgartel if you are unsure if the planned changes require COM approval. Contact the Secretary of COM for change request guidance and a copy of the suggested template.