Setting Up Course Offerings

You can set up course offerings for both terms once WEN opens for the next academic year (usually in December). It is important to offer them as completely and correctly as possible since WEN feeds to Yale Course Search (YCS) and YCS is where students register for courses. 

Start collecting course information offerings from your DUS and your faculty as early as January for the next academic year. The DUS should provide you with a list of courses that the department plans to offer in both the fall and spring terms, with the understanding that the list will change throughout the academic year. Go ahead and offer your standard senior courses that are taught every year. Continue to add course offerings as soon as you know them. The Registrar's Office will help move late course proposals through workflow, particularly for the fall term when new hires arrive late in the summer. If a new course proposal is particularly late, it's a good idea to alert the Registrar's Office by writing to and letting them know a late course proposal is pending.

To offer a course:

1. Log into WEN and select the correct term.

  • Double-click on the name of your department (and program if your department has both undergraduate and graduate programs).
  • In the top right of the screen under the red bar, check the box, Show courses with no sections. A list opens that includes your entire inventory.  

2. Double-click the course you wish to offer. Click on the green plus sign on the right side to open the editing window. The editing window opens with several fields prepopulated with default answers:

  • short title: the 30-character transcript title
  • part of term: defaults to FAS (YC & GS). This only needs to be addressed for first or second half-term courses.
  • section number: defaults to 01; if you create a second section of the same course it will default to 02 and will automatically increase with each subsequent offering. Note: Sections must have alphabetical designations (A, B, etc). For discussion sections, see Setting up Discussion/Lab Sections (page pending).
  • campus: defaults to Main, change as needed for affiliated programs
  • credit hours: this field can only be edited by Registrar's Office staff
  • status: defaults to Active, you can change it if you need to cancel the course offering
  • section type: this populates with the course format listed on the CIM record. If a course has discussion sections, another option appears here.
  •  GSAS reg status: does not apply to Yale College courses [this defaults to GSAS Registration Available, for my YC courses]

3. There are several fields you need to address.

  • HTBA (hours to be announced) Hours: Default is 0 and doesn't need to be changed unless there is to be an hour(s) of required learning beyond the standard class time and the time is to be announced at a later date. [Note, if you offer a course and leave the Schedule as HTBA, this field will automatically switch to "1" HTBA Hours, so you need to remember to change it back to "0" when you update the class meeting time.] Courses with discussion sections should always carry the +1 HTBA designation.
  • Permission: For Yale College student registration. The default is None Assigned. This field refers to whether the instructor wants to issue student permission to enroll or allow students to enroll on a first come/first enrolled basis. If the instructor wants to grant permission, they must be diligent about monitoring the registration system during registration and add/drop periods. In this case, select Instructor Permission Required from the drop-down.
  • Final Exam: Action is required. The default is To Be Announced. If the instructor intends to hold a final exam during the final exam period, you must select, Yes, during Finals Week. This alerts the Registrar's Office that the instructor will need a classroom during the exam period. It also populates the Exam Group field with the date and time for the final exam (so it appears on YCS). If the instructor does not intend to hold a final exam during final exam period, select, No, Final not during Finals Week.
  • Link to: This field is for linking discussion sections and laboratory sections with their related courses. Be sure to click Link To and select Any Discussion Section sections, when applicable.
  • Restrictions: See Registration Restrictions.
  • Cross-list With: This prepopulates with established Yale College cross-listings. It is used to link graduate and undergraduate courses, but this can only be done if both the undergraduate and graduate courses are offered. (The graduate version of the course does require its own CIM record.)
  • Section Attributes: This is where to add departmental attributes if they haven't already been added in CIM. See Using Course Attributes.
  • Course Attributes: This field is populated directly from Banner and cannot be amended in WEN. If you see a problem, email
  • Instructor: click the pencil icon to add instructors for the course offering. Click on the Staff down arrow to open Other so you can search for your faculty names. Start typing the instructor's last name to populate a list of your faculty. You can also search by NetID. If you don't find the correct name, write to and ask for help. You can add as many instructors as are teaching the course, however only one instructor may be primary. The primary instructor will be responsible for submitting final grades and is listed first. Click Accept when finished.
  • Schedule: Click HTBA near the calendar icon to open the calendar window. Click the Patterns drop-down arrow and either select the desired time pattern or type it in. In the calendar, hover your cursor over the desired day and time. A gray box will appear with an approved time slot. Click in the gray box to select the meeting time. The gray box will turn green. Click Accept. If the system won't let you enter the time, it might not be a standard meeting time, in which case you need CSC approval, see Standard Meeting Times. Contact to arrange for CSC review of the desired meeting time.
  • Room: Once you schedule the meeting time, change the Room drop-down to General Assignment Room, unless you schedule department-controlled classrooms. If so, enter the appropriate department room in this field.
  • Maximum Enrollment: Enter a realistic maximum enrollment number in the Enrollment field. This number can be changed at any time; however, it will prevent students from enrolling once the maximum number has been met. If the class is to have discussion or lab sections, the maximum enrollment for the class should match the maximum number of students who can be accommodated in sections.
  • Wait Cap: A wait cap of 25 or less students is recommended. Additionally, if the instructor does wish to have a waitlist, ask the instructor to email to set up a quick discussion about how waitlisting works.
  • Reserved Seats: defaults to No. this can only be used for courses that don't have cross-listings. It allows you to set aside seats for specific student class years. So, for instance, you can save 8 out of 32 seats for first-year students. Click Accept when you are finished.
  • Section Text: add text to appear in the Class Notes field in YCS.
  • Comments: for internal department use only. This field is not monitored by the Registrar's Office and it does not appear in YCS.
  • Click the “Save Offering” button.

For more help setting up course offerings, see WEN Create-Edit Section screen instructions.