Waitlisting is a registration feature, set up in WEN, that allows students to join a queue for enrollment for a course that has reached its maximum enrollment during the registration period (not the add/drop period). Waitlists are purged before the opening of the add/drop period.

As the registrar/administrator, you are responsible for setting up waitlisting for your faculty.

About waitlisting
  • Can be added at any time during the registration period, but should remain on the course until the registration period closes. If there are students on the waitlist, do not reduce the Wait Cap number. Write to courseleaf@yale.edu if you need to adjust the waitlist cap. The Registrar's Office cannot add or remove students from the waitlist.
  • Waitlists are removed before the opening of the add/drop period.
  • First come, first serve & automated; instructors cannot select specific students from the waitlist.
  • If the maximum enrollment has been met, students can choose to be placed on the waitlist. As enrolled students drop the course, the registration system automatically sends an offer to the first student on the waitlist.
  • Students have 24 hours to enroll once they are notified that a seat is available. If they miss the 24 hour window, the seat goes to the next person on the waitlist.
  • A minimal and realistic number should be set for the waitlist. Even if students are in the 100th position on a waitlist, they will wait until the last minute to make schedule changes in hopes of a seat becoming available.
  • Discussion and lab sections may not have waitlists.
  • Courses set up with Instruction Permission may not have waitlists.
How to setup waitlisting in WEN

  1. Log into WEN and find the target course.
  2. Enter the desired number of students in the Wait Cap field. We suggest no more than 10 students.
  3. Save the section.
After registration closes

We suggest that you run a Jaspersoft report, listing all the courses that had active waitlists at the end of registration, and the names of the students on those waitlists. Faculty are likely to ask you for the names of the students who were on the waitlist for their course. The name of the report is VW_Course Roster with Emails and Registration Status_Dept.