Cross-listing is the practice of adding secondary course numbers to an existing course. The department that creates the course is considered the primary department. Any other department (or program) that wants to add a course number is considered a secondary course number.

Secondary cross-listings signal to students that the course counts toward elective major requirements. See Using Course Attributes as an alternative to cross-listing.

All cross-listings need the following approvals:

  • Approval from the DUS of the primary department
  • Approvals from both the DUS and Chair of the secondary department(s).

Cross-listing New Course Proposals

It is best practice to request cross-listings when the course proposal is first created. Click on the Add link near Same-school Multiple Titles (AllCodes) on the CIM form. You can add up to four departments. As a courtesy, the instructor might want to reach out to the DUS of the requested departments, however, the request for cross-list approvals will automatically go through CourseLeaf workflow.

  • The course will not be available for offering until the cross-listing requests are either approved or denied and the course number is provided.
  • After registration opens, a cross-listing may only be added for the next time the course is offered.

Adding a Cross-listing to Existing Course Proposals

  • You can edit a course proposal to add a cross-listing. See Revising Existing Course Proposals
  • If you don't add the cross-listing request through the CourseLeaf system, you or the instructor need to send an email to the DUS and Chair requesting to cross-list. You will need to gather the approval messages and a course number and send that information (in a single email) to and the Registrar's Office will add the cross-title course number to the course record.
  • To find the names of DUSs/Chairs for manual cross-listing approvals go to the CourseLeaf Console. Scroll down the left-side column to Administration and then click on Role Management. Scroll through the Roles to find the departments in question. Click on the DUS and Chair listing to find the names you need.
  • All cross-listings for revised course proposals need to be final before the Canvas sites open, and preferably before the course is offered in WEN.