Revising Existing Course Proposals

Many instructors want to update their course proposals. Course proposal revisions are done in the Course Inventory Management system (CIM) and go through Course Workflow (see Course Proposal Workflow).

Some changes require review by the Course of Study Committee; specifically, a format change (ex. seminar to lecture), a credit value change, or the addition of a graduate number or distributional designation.

Title and course description changes do not require CSC approval but they do go through workflow.

You do not need to update the course proposal if there is a new syllabus or a new instructor. The new syllabus should be uploaded to the Canvas site once the course is offered and the new instructor should be entered in WEN. Note that changing the instructor's name in CIM does not change it in WEN or YCS.

How to Submit a Course Revision

1. Log into CIM.

2. Use the Search button to search for the course you want to revise. If you see that the course proposal is already in workflow, write to and ask them to make the course proposal available for editing. If nothing appears under the Workflow column you will be able to edit the course proposal.

3. Open the correct course proposal and click on Edit Course to open the editing window.

4. You will need to fill in/update any field that has a red-line border.

5. Make the desired changes and click on Start Workflow at the bottom of the editing window.