Searching for Existing Course Proposals

There are many times when you will be asked to find an existing course proposal. The instructor can't remember the course number or the correct course title, or someone has started to make corrections to a course proposal and saved it but has not submitted the changes.

There are a few ways to search for a lost course proposal:

  • Log into Yale Course Search. Use the drop-down arrow in the field that defaults to the current term to select "past terms." Enter the instructor's name to search for the course number and title. Once you know the course number and title, it's easy to search for the course proposal in CIM.
  • Open CIM. Enter the subject code in the search field. This pulls up your entire inventory. You can slowly scroll through and look for the missing course proposal.
  • Open CIM. Type one word or several words that are part of the title in the search field with asterisks (*) on each side of the phrase.

There are times when someone makes an update to the course proposal form and saves it, but forgets to submit it to workflow. If you or the instructor don't see the changes appearing on Yale Course Search, double-check that the changes were submitted.