How to Deactivate a Course

There are a few steps to take before deactivating a course. 

  • Make sure the course is not offered (appearing in YCS).
  • Make sure you are the primary department. If your department has a secondary, or cross-listed number, write to your colleague in the primary department and ask that they remove your course number or email

How to deactivate a course when your department is primary


1. Log into CIM.

2. Search for the course you want to deactivate.

3. Open the course record.

4. Click on the red Deactivate button (top/left side).

5. A window opens. Select the current term and fill in the justification box. It can be as simple as "need to reuse course number."

6. Click Start Workflow.


1. Log into CIM again the next day—after the deactivation request has bridged to Banner (this could take 2-3 days during busy times).

2. Pull up the course record. There should be an Archive Course link in the top right corner. Click on the link to archive the course number. It will be available for you to reuse immediately.

If you have any problems with these steps, contact

How to deactivate a secondary course number

1. When you receive a request to remove a cross-list course number for a course that is primary in your department, log into CIM and pull up the course record.

2. Click on Edit Course to open the course record. Fill in any missing information. You can indicate "as previously approved" if you don't know the missing information. Scroll down to the list of cross-listed numbers. Click on Remove to remove the department/course number in question.

3. Click on Start Workflow to remove the course number.