About Courses: Tips for the DUS

about cross-listing and distributional designations

  • Cross listings, graduate numbers, and distributional designations need to be added to the course record before registration opens.
  • If cross listings, graduate numbers, and distributional designations are requested on the initial course proposal form, the approvals will be automated through workflow. 
  • If you want a course that is primary in a different department to count toward the elective requirements for your major, you can tag it with a departmental attribute (SUBJ: Counts toward major electives). See Using Course Attributes.
  • If a different department/instructor asks your department to cross-list with their course, you need your DUS's and Chair's approvals. Once you have their approval you need to provide a course number.
  • If your department/instructor asks a different department to cross-list your course, you need your DUS's approval and the approval of the cross-listing DUS and Chair.
  • You cannot add an undergraduate course number to a graduate course. The instructor will need to submit a Yale College course proposal. You can, with CSC approval, add a graduate number to an undergraduate course. The CIM form needs to be updated with the requested graduate course information.

DUS considerations for new course proposals

DUSs are required to review each new course proposal. The Course of Study Committee relies on the DUS to understand the needs of the department and set the standards new courses must meet.

  • Participation may be worth no more than 20% of the final grade.
  • About 20-25 pages of formal writing is considered standard. This does not include blog posts, reflective writing, etc.
  • The course description should be 200 words or less and written in the present tense.
  • A list of course materials and readings organized by week or topic is required.
  • All written assignments should include approximate page count in the coursework table.
  • A syllabus, provisional if necessary, is required.
  • All assignments should be included in the coursework table and should equal 100% of the grade distribution.